Discovery phase

We start every branding, web design or advertising project with a clear direction. During a video meeting, we will talk about your company and goals and challenge you with the right questions that help us crystallize your vision.


Strategy and positioning

During the strategy and positioning phase, we will identify the tone, voice, messaging of your brand for positioning in the marketplace.


Content and wireframing

We create and present to you the wireframes and focus is first on the content. We collaborate with you to be completely on the same page. This is essential before starting meaningful visual design work.



Whether we are creating a brand, a website or online marketing campaigns... this design phase is where the magic happens!


Project review

During the project review, we evaluate the product design and development that have been produced to date and determine whether or not the project has met the objectives set.



A branding project can take from 2-5 weeks to complete, from brand strategy until final delivery, and a web design project can take anywhere from 3-12 weeks, depending on how large the website or online shop is.


Support and follow-up

When further assistance is needed, such as website maintenance, additional stationery design, a manager for your Google Ads account, it will always be our pleasure to help you.